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Sep 18, 2006 Dog Food
Sep 17, 2006 Cats Rule! Dogs Drool!

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Cats Rule! Dogs Drool!

Sunday Sep 17, 2006 06:12:00 AM

Hello to every cat out there that has had to put up with dogs :) My name is Baxter and I was the only pet for awhile. It was the best thing! They loved on me kissed on me (they still do) but! they brought another dog in the house.... don't get me wrong, I love my newphew Cooper Duke (he was a hurricane katrina rescue) but this weekend he has a friend over. Her name is Molly. Duke & Molly chase me when they get excited, they play with MY toys. So I am dealing with it and guess what?? They bring another friend over!! His name is Tanner! So finally yesterday I had to stand my ground and tell them who is boss! I think it worked ... you know dogs they just sit there and pant so you can pretty much brainwash them to do anything :) LOL So by Tuesday, it will be back to me and my nephew duke. I can handle one... but I don't want my house to turn into a doggy park :) Love, Baxter

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Posted By: Grace 2006/09/17 07:35:28 PM
Holy Cow, Baxter! I have the same thing at MY house! I used to live with one of my people who was at college but since I'm so crabby, I wasn't a very good roommate. Now I am back home with the rest of the family including 3 dogs!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/09/17 09:03:41 AM
Thanks Uncle Baxter for letting me have friends over this weekend!!! :) Love you!

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